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Overcome Fear to Succeed in Life and Business | Jesse Elder | Episode 43

  • How do you overcome fear so that you can take your life and your business to incredible new levels of success?
  • Or to put it another way, how do achieve self-mastery so that you can, in turn, achieve your goals?
  • And how did being in a real Fight Club – and I mean “hard core” ending up in hospital real – create a life changing epiphany for my guest?

On this show you’ll discover all this and more as we talk to a martial artist, entrepreneur and coach who is as fascinating as he is successful – Jesse Elder.

Jesse Elder

Jesse ElderJesse Elder is a martial arts, entrepreneurial and self-mastery rock star!

His journey has taken him from real life Fight Club to owning a successful chain of martial arts schools, which he rapidly built up to multiple 7 figures, to coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and helping them build businesses that work for them not the other way around.

And what’s just as fascinating is the personal transformation that’s gone along with this that has allowed him to not only master himself and leverage that mastery to great success, but to teach others how to do the same.

An online business resource Jesse loves is…

Jesse’s favourite quote:

“The greatest freedom in life is allowing other people to have their own experience.” — Dan Sullivan

How to connect with Jesse

  • You can find about more about Jesse and watch his Mind Vitamin Videos by visiting JesseElder.com

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Kate Erickson talks blogging, podcasting and a 6 figure a month business | Kate Erickson | Episode 30


Kate EricksonKate Erickson is the content creator and community leader for the award winning podcast EntrepreneurOnFire. Kate writes the EntrepreneurOnFire blog and the now famous EntrepreneurOnFire monthly income reports – famous, by the way, because last month alone EntrepreneurOnFire brought in $241,000 and change!

Kate also manages the two EntrepreneurOnFire communities – Podcasters’ Paradise and Fire Nation Elite. And since I’m a member of both those groups it’s through that work that I’ve got to know Kate over the last few months.

Kate recently became the host of a brand new podcast of her own, which is already highly successful. That podcast is called Kate’s Take: The EntrepreneurOnFire Audio Blog.

So as you can see, she is eminently qualified to be talking to us about how to publish and how to get our message out to the world and I’m really looking forward to hearing what she has to say!

An online business resource Kate loves is…

Kate‘s recommended book:

Kate’s favorite quote:

“Being realistic is the most common path to mediocrity” — Will Smith

How to connect with Kate

  • To check out Kate’s blog, the famous EntrepreneurOnFire income reports and everything else the site has to offer visit EOFire.com
  • And here’s a direct link to Kates take on iTunes: Kate’s Take

John Lee Dumas: $200,000 a month through podcasting | John Lee Dumas | Episode 26


John Lee DumasJohn Lee Dumas is the host of EntrepreneurOnFire, a hugely successful entrepreneur and a legend in the podcasting community. When John launched EntrepreneurOnFire he was the first person to do a seven day a week podcast – at a time when all the experts were saying it couldn’t be done.

Well, John proved the doubters wrong and the show has gone on to become a phenomenal success. Following its September 2012 launch EntrepreneurOnFire won “Best of iTunes 2013”. Within just six months EntrepreneurOnFire became a six figure a year business and it now generates well over $200,000 a month!

Last month alone EntrepreneurOnFire generated 975,000 unique listens and the numbers are still growing so it’ll be great to see John hit the 1 million a month mark – probably this month! John is also the founder of the #1 Podcasting community in the world – Podcasters’ Paradise – where over 1400 podcasters learn how to create, grow, and monetize their podcasts.

Free gift to you from John

  • To get your free copy of John’s bestselling book “Podcast Launch”the top ranked podcasting book on Amazon, with over 300 five star reviews – visit EOFire.com/gift


All the magic happens at EOFire.com!

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