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The New Way to Market and Profit Online | Paul Colligan | Episode 55

  • There are now billions of users on the major social platforms.
  • So how do you reach them on multiple platforms with a single piece of content and turn them into paying customers?
  • And how to you automate that process so that you can post your content only once and still be able to hit all the platforms you must be on – saving you time and making you money?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today with content and multicast marketing expert Paul Colligan.

Paul Colligan

Paul ColliganPaul Colligan is truly a multi-talented marketer and entrepreneur.

And I’m going to highlight some of his achievements, but before I do I want to say what a huge honour it is to be interviewing him. And that’s because it was reading his books that inspired me to start this podcast!

The books in question were ‘Podcast Strategies’ and ‘Multicast Marketing’ – and by the time I’d finished them I’d gone from ‘being aware of podcasts as maybe having some platform building potential’ to absolutely sold and ready to start my own.

So, you already know from what I’ve just said, that he’s the author of multiple books – BTW, he’s got others and they’re all bestsellers.

And as well as being a podcasting expert, Paul’s also an expert on YouTube, YouTube Live and Google Hangouts. And, on top of that, he’s a content marketing expert.

Plus, he’s been involved in online product launches that together have brought in tens of millions of dollars.

But, if I were to try and summarize what Paul does I would say that he helps entrepreneurs leverage technology to build systems and grow their businesses to extraordinary levels of success.

So, it’s my privilege to introduce my guest today – the one, the only, Paul Colligan!

An online business resource Paul loves is…

  • Paul uses Instant Customer to capture emails and mobile numbers from customers using the one thing they all have in common – their phones! It’s a fantastic system that allows people to give their email to you wherever they are (unless they’re actually driving!).

Paul’s recommended book:

Paul gave us a great quote that sums up the multicast marketing approach:

“Ubiquity is the new exclusivity.” — Arriana Huffington

How to connect with Paul

  • You can connect with Paul on your platform(s) of choice, listen to his podcasts and read his blog posts by visiting PaulColligan.com
  • As mentioned on the show, Paul has an exciting new book about to launch. I’ll certainly be reading it! To get on the early bird list visit HowtoPodcastBook.com

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