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Why Mobile Marketing is the Next Big Thing | Greg Hickman | Episode 56

  • Did you know that most web traffic is already coming from mobile?
  • It’s true – we hit the crossover point all the way back in January 2014!
  • Now do you want to know how to reach people on mobile, sell to them and take your business to the next level?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today with Mobile Marketing expert Greg Hickman.

Greg Hickman

Greg HickmanIt’s always great to have someone on the show who is truly at the top of their field. And in the case of today’s guest, Greg Hickman, that field is Mobile Marketing.

Greg is a mobile marketing consultant, entrepreneur, speaker, podcast host, blogger and cyclist.

He’s created and managed mobile marketing programs for world famous brands such as the NY Jets, Florida Marlins, Carolina Panthers, AT&T, EA Games, Sony Pictures and many others.

He’s also the creator of the Mobile Mixed blog and host of the Mobile Mixed podcast. And he advises mobile app startups and helps people find their passion.

For mobile marketing Greg recommends:

Quote from Greg:

“Mobile is digital.” — Greg Hickman

How to connect with Greg

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