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17: Steven Essa: Grow your business fast with Webinars


Steven EssaMy friend Steven Essa is known internationally as the “Make Money with Webinars Expert”. He’s also been voted “best speaker” at several Internet marketing events and has trained thousands of people around the world to leverage the power of Webinars to rapidly grow their businesses.

Steve’s clients regularly generate 4, 5 and even 6 figures with a single Webinar. In this show Steve takes us through the exact steps he uses with his $75,000 clients. He also explains the “medical center model” that allows him to make $30,000 a month from one of his businesses… working just 2 hours a month!

How to connect with Steve

  • You can watch Steve’s Webinar on how to run your own successful Webinars by going to SteveEssa.com
  • If you want to check out Steve’s Webinator software for automating your Webinar replays it’s at Webinator.biz
  • And if you’re interested in attending one of Steve’s live events and maybe getting on stage and having Steve run your very own Webinar with you then visit WebBusinessBreakthrough.com