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Running across America and into the record books! | Croix Sather | Episode 31


Croix SatherCroix Sather has done some truly remarkable things – both in the entrepreneurial space and outside it. He’s run across America and he’s a World Record holder – and no, I’m not going to tell you what that’s for! There’s a whole story leading up to that World Record and I want you to hear it from the man himself… trust me, you’ll be seriously impressed!

Croix is also an internationally celebrated author and inspirational speaker in the field of personal and business consulting and the psychology of success. He is a speaker for “Hope for the Warriors” and is a panel expert for Sunwarrior Superfood Nutrition. He has authored four books, hosted a radio show, and has appeared in hundreds of television, radio, and newspaper articles.

In this show Croix shares some amazing lessons in both business and life from a true Champion who never quits!

Here’s the famous Steve Jobs Commencement speach that Croix recommends:

The “connecting the dots” story is at the beginning, but it’s really worth listening to the whole thing.

An online business resource Croix loves is…

  • Croix is using Elance.com to learn Spanish from a Bolivian Spanish speaker via Skype – but you can get pretty much anything done on this great freelancer site

Croix ‘s recommended books are:

How to connect with Croix

  • To get a free ebook and audiobook copy of Croix’s bestelling book “Dream Big Act Big” and a free 3 part audio series visit FreeDreamBigBook.com
  • You can also connect with Croix via his website CroixSather.com – there’s some amazing info about Croix’s Run Across America and his Death Valley World Record

Croix’s TED Talks:

Run Across America: Croix’s talk starts at 37 seconds in:

Winning the World’s Toughest Race (Death Valley)

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3: Nick Unsworth: Living a Life on Fire


Nick UnsworthNick Unsworth’s entrepreneurial journey is real rollercoaster story and a true testament to the importance of perseverance. Nick is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, and host of Life on Fire TV – the #1 Entrepreneurial Inspiration Show on iTunes.  Nick’s mission is to inspire people to do what they love, relentlessly pursue their passion and live the dream.

Nick successfully built and sold a business by 30 years old – an achievement that had been a dream of his for years. He has since coached over 1,750 entrepreneurs and consulted with clients including New York Times bestselling Author John Assaraf, BMW, Keller Williams Real Estate, Safeco Insurance, and many more.

Mission and Life on Fire

  • Nick’s mission is to help other entrepreneurs live their version of the dream – loving what they do for work every single day and enjoying the journey. Nick has done many things, but right now his business time is primarily spent on coaching and on creating his #1 ranked video podcast Life on Fire TV. The show is packed full of actionable content and inspiration for entrepreneurs and it’s actually through the show that I got to know about Nick in the first place.

The Firestarter Community

  • Nick has built (in a short space of time) a very successful community of “Firestarter” coaching clients. Amongst many other things the Firestarters get 20 day quarterly challenges. Not surprisingly, the people who are the hungriest for success are the ones that really stand out as a result of the action they take during these challenges.

Nick’s rollercoaster story!

  • Nick explained that “Every entrepreneur has a number of failures before they’re going to have a Life on Fire… for me that number of failures is actually eleven!”
  • Picking just one of them, Nick shared with us the story of the NU Perks Card that he created. Nick’s idea was to create a large database for his real estate business by creating and selling a local business perks card for. For $20 (half of which went to charity) people could get great discounts and perks at 45 local businesses for a year.

After a lot of work to set it up the card launched successfully and really started to take off. It was at this point that things started to go wrong… Nick was advised to spend thousands of dollars on TV commercials by ad executives who were completely uninterested in his marketing plan.

For several reasons Nick didn’t think TV advertising was a good idea, but made a decision not to trust his gut and went forward anyway at a cost of $10,000 a week! Not until he had burned through $40,000 for almost no return – destroying his finances in the process – did Nick pull the plug.

Lessons learned

  • Rather than blame others Nick decided to take responsibility for that decision and look for the blessing behind it. One of those lessons was to trust his gut.
  • The NU Perks card ended up on the first page of Google leading to over 1,000 unique visitors a day. Sadly the card was local not national so the traffic wasn’t converting, but it opened Nick’s eyes to a new marketing channel. It was this discovery of the power of online marketing led to Nick starting his successful Facebook marketing business.

Getting sued

  • Listen to Nick’s story of how he got sued for trademark infringement as a result of bad legal advice. The key takeaway here is that trademarks are vital to the success of your business. First of all you must make sure that any trademark that you want to use does not infringe any existing marks. Then you must protect it before building your business around it.

The importance of self-belief for entrepreneurs

  • Despite all these setbacks and despite being surrounded by people saying to him ‘Why don’t you get a job?’ Nick kept going – fuelled by his own self-belief.

“If you can take a negative experience and ask ‘what is the blessing in this’ you become unstoppable.”

The blessing was that as a result of his terrible experience with TV advertising Nick decided to make a shift into online marketing so that he could actually give clients a positive return on investment. This led to Nick starting his Facebook marketing company at which point things began to take off. Ultimately, this led to the creation of Life on Fire.

Aligning with your passion

  • We spend half our lives working – to do something you don’t enjoy is crazy! The more you can align your work with your passion the more you will enjoy your life and the better you will be at what you do. If you’re not yet living your passion it’s never too late to change: spend some time getting clear on what’s important to you and then take action.

Life on Fire TV

  • Life on Fire TV started 14 months ago and is just about to break seven figures. An important element of achieving such quick success is that Nick got clear from the start where he wanted to end up, what sort of show he wanted and how it was going to be different.
  • The show was profitable from the beginning – before it even had a website!

Meeting John Lee Dumas and Michael O’Neal…

  • John Lee Dumas and Michael O’Neal are both highly successful podcasters. They opened Nick’s eyes to the power of podcasting including the sponsorship, revenue and brand positioning that it could bring.
  • At that point Life on Fire TV was a video show on YouTube and Nick realized that all he had to do was publish to iTunes to create a podcast as well. It quickly hit the #1 video show spot on iTunes, which has been great positioning.

MTV Cribs style!

  • One of the ways Nick has differentiated the show is by doing video instead of just audio. Plus, the video is in person with Nick often visiting guests at home and doing MTV Cribs style interviews. Not only is this a fun format for viewers it also allows Nick to meet his guests, shake their hands and build relationships even faster than if he did audio only.

Six figures of revenue in four months!

  • The podcast has already brought in over six figures of revenue in its first four months through Nick’s $3,000 a month coaching program. Video is great for rapport building and because they have seen Nick on video prospects are largely pre-sold – this massively cuts down on the need to sell. It’s important to get clear and confident on the value you provide and make that value clear to your clients.

With such an impressive rate of growth it will be fascinating to see where the business and the show will be twelve months from now!

Lifestyle on Fire!

  • As well as allowing him to do work that he loves, Nick’s business also allows him to focus on lifestyle: Despite running a business that’s on the verge of breaking the seven figure revenue mark Nick doesn’t work past 6 o’clock, he takes weekends off and he makes time to spend with Megan – the love of his life.

Andrea’s success story: the power of mindset and coaching

Having had success as a result of being on the $500 a month Firestarter program Andrea decided to step up to the $3,000 a month level.

One of the first things Nick helped Andrea to do was to cut down her time spent on email by 3 to 5 hours a day!! Not only was this a huge lifestyle win it freed up massive amounts of time for Andrea to focus on higher revenue generating activities.

The next big step was a mindset shift that Nick helped Andrea with: that by making just a few small changes she would have a seven figure business even though she had never gone above six figures in her life.

These shifts allowed Andrea to go from $50,000 to $330,000 in monthly revenue! Her business will never drop to being “only” a six figure business again.

Download a free audiobook:

Download a free audiobook of your choice to listen to anywhere anytime! Click here to choose from over 600,000 titles:

Quote from Momma Celeste Unsworth:

“You can do anything your little heart desires.”

How to connect with Nick

  • Definitely check out Nick’s show LifeOnFire.com – I’m a huge fan and I highly recommend it!

Now that the shows been going for a few months it’s got a great “back catalogue” of episodes so be sure to take a look at them as well.

  • Here’s a link to the famous 1,000 fans article I mentioned: 1,000 True Fans