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5: Andy Zitzmann: Gametime, gratitude and getting a second chance


Andy ZitzmannAndy Zitzmann or “AZ” has a very interesting story. Today he is a peak performance coach, business consultant and speaker, but just a few years ago he was living a “Wolf on Wall Street” life as he puts it!

After graduating college early Andy owned a successful small business before moving into the corporate world to work for a Fortune 500 company in New York. Whilst there he was very successful at a young age making “more money than I ever imagined” and quickly rising up the corporate ladder. It was at this point that things started to go wrong – I’ll let Andy tell you that story himself!

Fast forward several years through some major lifestyle changes (which Andy takes you through) and he’s on a brand new track having launched the Gametime Movement and with a goal of reaching and helping a million people step up their game in just one year!

Corporate success

Having “forced” himself into a Fortune 500 company Andy began a successful 12 year career in sales and management. Working 6 am to 9 pm days for his first two years Andy rose quickly through the company. But his workaholic lifestyle came at a price and by the age of 26 Andy’s personal life was spiraling out of control – essentially going in the exact opposite direction of his career.

At this point I want to skip past a seven year period of Andy’s life – simply because you’ll enjoy it much more hearing it from the man himself (he gets into this from around the 4 minute mark).

The importance of balance

Like so many in the corporate and entrepreneurial world, for a long time Andy’s life lack balance. That only began to change when he started living live “consciously”. At this point Andy was able to reappraise things, get clear on what was important to him and begin making changes.

As Andy so rightly explains, without a conscious approach to life it’s easy to let relationships as well as emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health suffer in the pursuit of work and business success: balance (even if not perfect) is the key to achieving health and success in all areas.

The Gametime Movement

On a flight from Atlanta to Boston Andy had the epiphany that “the time was now” to step away from the corporate world and begin to do something he found more meaningful. It was from this epiphany that The Gametime Movement was born.

Having done lots of personal development work and having both given and received lots of coaching Andy realized that coaching people and personal development was much more fulfilling to him than closing deals.

The Gametime Movement is about second chances – making people realize that it’s never too late to step up and turn things around and that every day is an opportunity to do something extraordinary… In other words, every day is GAMETIME!

Andy works with both entrepreneurs and people in the corporate world, particularly sales and finance, helping them make shifts that will transform their lives. Andy is in no doubt that mindset and consciousness are far more important than skills in terms of fulfillment and fully embracing life. Real living, success and fulfillment happen in the day to day, not the end result – that is why it is so important to be present in both life and business!

Scaling himself and his business

One of the reasons for the Gametime Movement was the need and desire to “scale” himself in order to create a lifestyle business. By coaching groups instead of one to one Andy is now able to reach far more people and get paid far more for his time.

The Gametime podcast

The missing piece fell into place when Andy hired Nick Unsworth as a business coach and became one of his Elite level coaching clients. Nick introduced Andy to podcasting: in January 2014 Andy had never heard of podcasting yet on June 16th he launched a daily motivational video podcast! (Probably the only daily video podcast there is!)

Andy’s partner in the Gametime Movement is his fiancée Leanna Pickens. Leanna will cover the areas of health and relationships as part of the Gametime program.

Reaching a million people

Talk about big goals! Andy’s goal is to reach and help a million people through the Gametime podcast by July 2nd 2015. He also plans to raise a million dollars to support children’s charities by the same date!


BTW, notice that Andy has made both these goals very public… that’s powerful motivation to follow through and succeed!

Movement Marketing

Notice also that Gametime is a Movement – something that people can get behind and feel part of. This is what Brendon Burchard talks about as “movement marketing” and if you can incorporate it into your own marketing it’s an incredibly powerful way of building brand loyalty.

“Instant” positioning

Andy’s business coach Nick Unsworth said he wanted him to “Come out of nowhere on day one!” That meant creating a brand and an online presence that was based on where he wanted to be a year from now not where he was at that time. That meant investing in a professional looking website and branding, professional photos and highly professional intros and outros for the podcast.

This branding and messaging has to be used consistently on the website, the podcast and through all Andy’s social media channels. By hustling and doing lots of social media to get his brand out there Andy has created the impression that he’s much bigger and more established than he really is.

This is important because with so much content available online people often need a filter before they will listen to things and a key filter is consistent and professional looking branding. When people see you everywhere they assume you must “be someone” – this allows you to reach and help them with your message and, ultimately, to monetize that message (essential if you want to be able to continue to deliver it long term).

Have a morning ritual

Andy has a powerful “morning ritual” that he follows daily and which he has built on over time. He calls it his “pre-game.” If you don’t already have a morning ritual it is an incredibly powerful way to start your day and helps you be more centered, more conscious and more productive throughout the whole of the day. I started my own morning ritual six years ago and I can tell you that it’s a real game changer. Andy starts discussing his morning ritual at 41’35” and it will give you lots of good ideas as to the kind of things you can include in yours.

Check out the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

Download a free audiobook:

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Andy is grateful for lots of things including his sobriety, getting a second chance and his fiancée Leanna.

Andy’s favorite quote:

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and bring itself to believe it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill

Andy gives a great explanation of this quote at 50’34” – listen out for the very important insights he shares.

Business top tip:

This comes in the form of another quote from Andy:

“You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great.”

In other words, as an entrepreneur, don’t get caught up in being perfect just take action, keep going and improve along the way!

Something unusual:

Andy is an identical twin – shout out to Mickey Zitzmann!

Also, he “may or may not” have sold beanie babies for two years in his early twenties!

How to connect with Andy

  • Andy’s website where you can find out about The Gametime Movement and get links to both the audio and video versions of his podcast is www.GametimeMovement.com
  • The podcast is “Gametime with Andy Zitzmann” and is available on iTunes and I definitely recommend you subscribe to that (and if you do help Andy out by rating and reviewing it too).

That was an awesome interview! I really enjoyed it – thanks Andy!