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Turning Facebook Clicks into Customers | Billy Gene | Episode 51

  • How do you turn clicks into customers using Facebook ads?

You see, being able to bring in customers at will through advertising is the Holy Grail of marketing. Once you can do this successfully the sky is the limit and you can grow your business and your income way faster than you ever can if you’re stuck relying only on ‘free’ or organic traffic for customers.

That’s what we’ll be talking about today with Facebook marketing expert Billy Gene who’s generated over a million dollars through Facebook advertising.

Billy Gene

Billy GeneBilly Gene is an expert at turning clicks into customers using Facebook ads. It’s a process he describes as direct response marketing on Facebook.

And he’s very good at it. He has over 30 agency clients and he runs monthly courses where he teaches business owners how to do exactly what he does on Facebook – either for their own businesses or for their clients.

Last year his business brought in over $1 million in revenue.

That’s pretty impressive – especially for someone who is still only 26 and, just four years ago, was $70,000 in debt and living out of his car.

So, to talk to us about how to explode our business growth and profits through Facebook advertising my guest today Billy Gene.

An online business resource Billy loves is…

Billy loves LeadPages.net for building great landing pages and Elance.com for hiring freelancers at highly competitive rates.

Billy’s recommended book:

  • Billy recommends

Billy’s favourite quote:

“Make it happen!” — Billy Shaw (Billy’s Dad)

How to connect with Billy

  • If you want to learn from Billy and know what he knows then visit ClicksIntoCustomers.com where you can find out about Billy’s amazing Facebook marketing course.
  • You can also find out more about Billy and get some great resources by going to BillyGeneIsMarketing.com

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20: David Ralph: From zero to 1 million podcast downloads in 4 months!


David RalphFellow Brit David Ralph hit 1 million downloads only 4 months after launching his “Join Up Dots” daily podcast – in case you’re in any doubt, these are insane numbers for anyone starting out without an existing platform!

In this show David talks about his meteoric rise as a podcaster, using Twitter and Facebook to drive downloads, finding something he loves to do and thinking big… really big!

BTW, David hit the 1 million mark five days before we did this interview. And in those five days he’s added another 181,347 downloads… to put it another way, his success is accelerating. In this show David shares his recipe for creating such rapid success.

How to connect with David

  • You can listen to David’s podcast – Join Up Dots – on his website JoinUpDots.com You can also subscribe to Join Up Dots on iTunes from there.
  • Find David on Twitter at @JoinUpDot
  • Connect with David on Facebook here Facebook.com/joinupdots
  • Email David at JoinUpDots at gmail.com

You can also check out David’s new podcast training course here: http://podcastersmastery.com