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2: Daniel Priestley: How to become a Key Person of Influence


Daniel PriestleyDaniel Priestley is a highly successful entrepreneur – having built his first multi-million dollar company before the age of 25. He is also an international speaker and the bestselling author of two books: “Key Person of Influence” and “Entrepreneur Revolution”. In 2010 Daniel co-founded Entrevo – a growth accelerator company designed to help entrepreneurs establish themselves as Key People of Influence. Daniel is an Australian living in London, however, he travels a lot and home is planet earth!

Helping entrepreneurs

  • Entrevo connects entrepreneurs with high net worth individuals, authors and experts. It has produced hundreds of authors and through its 40 week program has helped over 1,000 entrepreneurs expand their businesses. Currently operating in 7 cities around the world Daniel plans to expand that number to 20.


  • Daniel is an active blogger and has a deal to produce his third book, which comes out next year. Top tip: Daniel makes use of the large amount of time he spends travelling to get a lot of his writing done.

Story of struggle

  • During the recession Daniel decided to continue aggressively marketing. Unfortunately, in Daniel’s words “it turned out to be a completely disastrous strategy!” Despite all his efforts the company went from £4 million in revenue in 2008 to £400,000 in 2009 – a 90% drop… This led to Daniel having to move from a massive penthouse apartment to a spare bedroom of his younger sister.
  • One lesson Daniel took from this is that you can’t take on a whole economy – you’ve got to go with the flow: in Daniel’s words, don’t try and “snowboard in the summer”! Another lesson is that even when things go wrong you can still go forward with assets you may not even have previously realised you had, such as your insights, contacts and intellectual property. These can help you to quickly and successfully reinvent yourself.

Passion and gratitude

  • Daniel feels incredibly fortunate to be born at a unique time straddling two eras – the industrial age and the digital age. We’re now in an age of empowerment and transformation with the opportunity to take advantage of it. Tuning into this creates a deep sense of passion and inspiration.

What does publishing mean to you?

  • The core of a business is its intellectual property so when you publish you’re creating intellectual property. Success comes from leveraging unique insights and publishing is a reliable and tested way of creating such insights – people who have successful published their ideas and gone on to build huge businesses include Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Twitter founder Biz Stone.
  • Daniel’s blog generates a huge amount of traffic and is a “non-stop opportunity magnet” generating lots of fresh leads and media interest. It also helps Daniel clarify his thoughts, set down his ideas and reach lots more people with those ideas – freeing up his personal energy.

How has publishing positioned you and made a difference to your business?

  • “The ‘Entrepreneur Revolution’ is made possible when a ‘Key Person of Influence’ meets technology.” Daniel’s books, blogging and speaking have made him a thought leader in these spaces.
  • As an author you get perceived radically differently to a non-author leading to speaking requests, interview requests and offers of deals. Now, instead of chasing opportunities Daniel has someone whose full-time job is to curate the opportunities and offers that come in as there are now so many of them!

Success stories

  • Daniel’s YouTube channel has 70 success story case studies including people who have grown brand new businesses from scratch and others who having taken already successful businesses to a whole new level.
  • Warning from Daniel – if you watch them you’ll want to work with him!

5 steps to become a Key Person of Influence

  1. Pitch: you must be able to clearly and quickly articulate what you do
  2. Publish: publish a book to position yourself as an expert in your field
  3. Products: Create products based on your expertise
  4. Profile: build your profile so when people Google you they can see who you are
  5. Partnerships: create lucrative partnerships

This is a linear process. The goal with these 5 steps is to become a vital and irreplaceable person within your industry rather than someone who is merely functional and therefore replaceable. Key People of Influence have a lot more fun!

“We live in remarkable times”

  • For the first time in human history geography is no longer a significant barrier to sharing a philosophy or an idea or even to doing business. “The only thing we’re under-resourced on is leaders… This is a great opportunity for anyone who cares passionately about a cause or an idea… we live in remarkable times.”

Future prediction

  • There will continue to be a growth of entrepreneurial teams within large organisations as well as a growth in the number of entrepreneurs. Being part of an entrepreneurial team within an organisation can be just as exhilarating and impactful as going out and starting your own business. Whichever route you choose, focus on being a dynamic leader rather than a replaceable commodity.

Success habits

  • Daniel is in the habit of regularly writing – Evernote is very useful for this as a way of saving ideas and relevant info. Another of Daniel’s success habits is meeting interesting people for coffee or lunch with an open mind and no set agenda.
  • A great habit Daniel learned from his Dad to pick up the phone when he has an idea to sound people out to get a sense of how viable something is. For example, a shopping cart and a website that cost £5,000 to set up are a great way to leverage something that’s already selling, but a lousy way to test something. Find out if people would buy it first!

Make sure that you’re in the right environment

  • Be in an environment that brings out the best in you: be around the right people, work in interesting places, have an accountability group.

Recommended blog and book

  • Seth Godin’s blog and books, biographies such as Steve Job’s and Richard Branson’s and the Freakonomics books.

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Business quote:

  • “Income follows assets” — Darren Shirlaw

The asset that you have to develop is intellectual property. Want more income? What asset will you develop to generate that income?

Business advice

  • “You get what you pitch for and you’re always pitching. You’re either going to pitch something into existence or out of existence.” — Daniel Priestley

Something unusual

  • Daniel did four years of Latin jive dance!

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