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Unleash Your Creativity to Build a Successful Business You Love | Morgan Giddings | Episode 50


As entrepreneurs we have tremendous creative energy within us. But how do you unleash that creative energy in a focused way to help you:

  • Transform the success of your business?
  • Build a business that you love?
  • Build a business which is truly aligned with who you are and what you want to do?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today with scientist, entrepreneur, creator and author – my good friend Dr Morgan Giddings.

Morgan Giddings

Morgan GidddingsMorgan Giddings is a scientist, entrepreneur, creator, explorer and author of the bestselling book ‘Create or Die’.

And in the three years I’ve known her I’ve seen her get amazing results in her own business, and, I’ve seen her help her clients get amazing results in theirs.

Now what sets Morgan apart from most entrepreneurs is her deep understanding that while knowledge and technical skills are important they’re not enough if you want to succeed at a really high level.

To really succeed – to do your best work and to build a business that gives you the lifestyle and the profits you deserve – you must learn to harness your own creativity while at the same time taking your productivity to completely new levels.

Not only will this increase your profits, you’ll also be able to spend less time working and more time enjoying life.

Now that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me, and to help us learn how to do that here is today’s guest Dr Morgan Giddings!

An online business resource Morgan loves is…

  • Morgan loves using Wrike.com project management software, which amongst other things has a great mobile interface and a social feed that allows easy real time communication between team members.

Morgan‘s recommended book:

Morgan‘s favourite quote:

“When you love yourself deeply and unconditionally and for everything you are and aren’t you attract people who love themselves. Then your relationships become partnerships on the path of love – a real playground of limitless possibility.”

— Gay Hendrickson

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