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How to Turn Your Knowledge into Income | Chris Day | Episode 53

  • How do you turn your knowledge into income?
  • How do you quickly position yourself as an expert in your field?
  • And how can you get paid to get your message out to your target market, while generating goodwill and credibility at the same time?

That’s what we’re going to be talking about today with author, journalist and publisher Chris Day.

Chris Day

Chris DayChris Day is an author, journalist and publisher. His book ‘Turning Your Knowledge into Income’ shares his philosophy that right now, there is somebody, somewhere, who would pay good money to know what you know and that all you need to do is to package up your knowledge in a form that they can buy it.

He believes that for people who want to raise their profile in their marketplace or who want to position themselves as an expert in their field there is nothing like a published book to do that.

He founded Filament Publishing 15 years ago with the mission to help authors not only to publish their book, but to build a successful business around it.

And in 2012 he also founded Authorcraft.co.uk – a professional network for authors that helps them make the connections they need to help them bring their book to market and helps them learn about the new skills of social media and marketing  that today’s authors need in order to succeed.

An online business resource Chris loves is…

  • Chris loves a project management software called TeamWork PM that you can find at Teamwork.com

Chris‘s recommended book:

Chris‘s favourite quote:

“The same winds blow on everybody.” — Jim Rohn

How to connect with Chris

  • To find out more about ‘partnership publishing’ and how you can work with Chris to get your book out and build your business visit FilamentPublishing.com
  • Check out Author Craft – the network for authors set up by Chris – at AuthorCraft.co.uk

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