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Creating a 7 Figure Information Product Business | Pam Hendrickson | Episode 4


Pam’s free video series:

Pam HendricksonIn the interview Pam talks about the free video series she’s just released. In it she covers the “4 Steps to creating successful information products” that she talks about in this interview in greater detail. You can get free access to Pam’s videos here: get instant access to Pam’s new video series.

Pam Hendrickson is the best in the world when it comes to creating digital and physical information products of the highest quality. Pam has produced, launched and marketed highly profitable products for many of the top names in the personal and professional development industry.

In addition to consulting with entrepreneurs, celebrities and CEOs, Pam spent almost twenty years at Robbins Research International where she worked directly with Anthony Robbins as the Executive Vice President of Content & Product Development.

Pam is also the #1 best-selling author of the book “Make, Market, Launch IT: The Ultimate Product Creation System for Turning Your Ideas into Income.”

A magna cum laude graduate of Brown University, Pam has grown her consulting and product development businesses to seven figures in just under two years. This past year, she received the 2013 Bronze Stevie Award for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year” and also for “Woman of the Year.” Pam lives in San Diego, CA with her husband and two sons.

Going it alone

With both a strong academic and corporate background Pam worked with Tony Robbins for 18 years learning huge amounts about information product creation and marketing in the process. Pam loved her “amazing” job with Tony Robbins so why did she decide to go it alone?

Overcoming the fear

“I always knew that I had this independent streak and I wanted to be able to live life on my terms” Pam explained. However, this wasn’t enough as the fear kept holding her back (I can definitely relate to this!). Two things happened to change this and overcome that fear.

Firstly, Pam realized that with her long work hours she was missing out on a lot of the growing up her young children were doing. The second thing that happened was that Pam’s mum, with whom she was very close, passed away. Before her mum passed one of the things she said to Pam was “Life is fleeting and that’s what makes it so precious.” Hearing this Pam realized that she could no longer stay in the corporate world and that she had to go forward and build a business for herself that would deliver the lifestyle she wanted.

Helping business owners

Today Pam helps business owners to take their ideas and make them tangible – turning them into information products and training courses. Having seen firsthand how even the best products won’t sell without good marketing Pam also helps her clients to market those products.

Learning from mistakes

One of the most important lessons in business is knowing that you’ll learn from your mistakes and so not being afraid to make them.

Pam had high expectations when she launched her business. However, the first product she created was a great product, but didn’t sell well and during the first year the business lost money. (Making it even more remarkable that Pam was able to grow her business to seven figures in less than two years!) The lesson is that there is no correlation between how good your product is and how well it sells… this is where understanding your customer and fine tuning your marketing message comes in (see below).

Content marketing

Pam is a big believer in content marketing as a key contact point between you and your customer. For content marketing to work the starting point has to be who your customer really is and what they want. Usually when things go wrong with people’s marketing it’s because they haven’t got this part right – with the result that they don’t connect properly with their target audience.

Understanding your customers

What are the biggest problems your customers are experiencing? What are their most important goals? What’s keeping them up at night?

When you can speak to these things in your customers’ terms you are on your way to success as you can publish the right messages and content.

Discovering what your customers want

There are two key elements to truly understanding your customers. The first is tangible research into your market – as little as ten minutes a day can yield great results. Two keyword research tools that Pam likes to use are Spyfu and iSpionage.

The other side is the emotional and psychological side of creating the relationships that will lead to engagement and dialogue with your customers. This puts you in a strong position to ask or survey your customers about their problems and desires so that you can really get to understand them at a deeper level.

This in turn tells you what content you need to be publishing: i.e., content that addresses and solves these problems. This, together with a content publishing schedule, helps you to avoid what Pam calls “Random Acts of Marketing!”

Positioning must be “real”

Positioning is important, but to work it must be authentic and real. Beyond this, great positioning is as much about positioning your messaging as it is about positioning yourself. Your message needs to line up with what your customers are really looking for, which ties back into getting to know your customer.

You also need to highlight and talk about your strengths and your experiences (including your failures) so that your prospects understand that you have what it takes to help them. At the same time it’s important that your prospect feels that you are a ‘safe pair of hands’ and the best person to help them.

Pam’s new video series

Pam has created a new video series with Dr Jeanne Hurlbert – an expert in surveying and getting to know your market.

The videos take you through a four step process for creating products and simplifying your marketing systems in a way that avoids overwhelm. For most of us there’s always more to do than we have time for so Pam and Jeanne’s system is designed to solve this:

Step 1: Really understand who your core customer is

Step 2: Discover what content to put out

Step 3: Discover what products to create (or how to reposition existing products for maximum success)

Step 4: Create a simple marketing system to drive your product sales

Pam is a great organizer and system creator and that is reflected in her videos. This is another reason to check them out as having the right systems will dramatically cut down your workload.

You can get instant access to Pam’s video series here.

Pam’s success habits

  1. Have a good time management system – most business challenges are time management challenges.
  1. Have a great community of colleagues and peers to help support you and keep you on track.

Pam’s recommended online resource:

Pam’s recommended books:

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Business quote:

Pam loves quotes so this is her favorite quote for today!

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” — Anais Nin

This quote is all about having the courage to live life on your terms and hold yourself to a higher standard.

How to connect with Pam

Connect with Pam and the amazing community of experts and entrepreneurs that she’s built as well as getting her free video series here.