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Mindset, Marketing and Mechanics | Andy Zitzmann and AJ Amyx | Episode 67


Today we have the A Team!

AJ Amyx and Andy ZitzmannAJ and AZ – better known as AJ Amyx and Andy Zitzmann – and the show’s first repeat guests.

Today we talk about the importance of Mindset, Marketing and Mechanics in building a successful online business and Andy and AJ explain how they take people to business success in just 90 days.

We also talk about their upcoming Movement Marketing Summit, the exciting things that they have going on with that and why you might want to think about running a virtual summit of your own.

Movement Marketing Summit

Movement Marketing Summit is Andy and AJ’s live virtual summit with over 40 top speakers covering some amazing topics.

To attend for free visit  MovementMarketingSummit.com

You can also connect with AJ on Twitter via @AJAmyx and join the discussion using hashtag #MMS15

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13: AJ Amyx: Launch and Monetize a Business in 90 Days or Less

  • How do you launch a successful online business fast?
  • How do you monetize it quickly and start making a profit right away?
  • How do you attract new clients and customers?
  • How do you automate the process so you get paid well?
  • And can all this really be done in 90 days or less?

On this show we’ll be covering all this and lots more with business coach and marketing expert AJ Amyx:

AJ Amyx

AJ AmyxAJ Amyx is the host of AMYX TV and founder of the Passionpreneur Academy. He trains entrepreneurs all over the world who are authors, speakers and coaches on how to attract new clients, how to create high-end programs and how to automate their marketing and sales so they get paid well! He runs a specialist program that helps people launch and monetize a business in 90 days or less.

AJ is a business coach, marketer, consultant and free spirit. But at his core, he just wants to help people get paid for their passions and make a difference in the world – since that is what he gets to do every day!

Download a free audiobook:

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How to connect with AJ

  • AJ’s website and blog is at ajamyx.com where you can get a free 3 part video training from AJ on how to “Launch and Monetize a Business in 90 Days or Less”
  • Connect with AJ on Facebook here Facebook.com/ajamyx but be sure to send him a message as he likes to know who he’s connecting with!
  • You can find AJ’s Twitter profile here Twitter.com/ajamyx