Shane Johnston

How to 10 X Your Business | Shane Johnston | Episode 64

  • How do you 10 X your business in one year?
  • What’s it like to have the legendary Jack Welch threaten to fire you if you don’t deliver?
  • And why might you want to set yourself the biggest goal you’ve ever set?

That’s what we’ll be talking about today with marketing expert and consultant Shane Johnston.

Shane Johnston

Shane JohnstonShane Johnston is a former management consultant turned entrepreneur, marketing expert, coach and speaker.

His clients include marketing greats such as Pam Hendrickson, Mike Koenigs, Ed Rush and Nick Unsworth.

And he’s here today to talk about how you can 10 X your business.

An online business resource Shane loves is…

  • Infusionsoft for automating customer follow up and sales processes – essential if you’re going to automate and scale your business.

Shane’s recommended book:

How to connect with Shane

  • To connect with Shane and to get on the early bird list for the ‘Titans of Marketing’ book launch visit

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