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Drive traffic to your website and grow your business fast with Pinterest | Cynthia Sanchez | Episode 32


Cynthia SanchezPinterest now drives more traffic to websites that Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit combined! … and no, I had no idea Pinterest was such a powerful platform either until I interviewed Cynthia Sanchez for today’s show.

Cynthia is the author and host, respectively, of the “Oh So Pinteresting” blog and podcast.

As one of the world’s leading Pinterest experts she regularly gets asked to speak about using Pinterest to drive website traffic and to rapidly grow online businesses. In fact, Cynthia actually left her career as an oncology nurse to launch a highly successful business built around her passion for Pinterest and she now helps business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve the same kind of success with Pinterest that she’s had.

An online business resource Cynthia loves is…

  • Cynthia loves for easily scheduling appointments without all the “back and forth”

Cynthia’s recommended book:

  • Cynthia recommends occasionally taking time out from learning and study and instead reading fiction for fun so that you can relax and come back to your business refreshed and fired up!

Cynthia’s favourite quote:

“Why not go out on a limb? That’s where all the fruit is.” — Mark Twain

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