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Sell More with Great Sales Copy | Casey Demchak | Episode 35


Casey DemchakCasey Demchak is an author, a speaker and a recognized expert at writing highly effective marketing copy. In other words, he is someone who can help you grow your business and sell more of your product or service through great copywriting.

Casey teaches people how to become great copywriters and that’s important. Great copywriting will help you build your brand, generate leads, persuade prospects, power your profits and propel your personal success.

I’d like to give you one of Casey’s quotes:

“There’s writing to please your English teacher, and then there’s writing to sell products and services – and they’re two completely different things.”

And from personal experience, having worked as a proof-reader and having written academic papers on the one hand, both of which follow very precise rules, and having written sales copy on the other this is absolutely my experience!

An online business resource Casey loves is…

  • Casey recommends LinkedIn and LinkedIn discussion groups as a great source of business leads

Casey‘s recommended book:

Casey‘s favourite quote:

“Worrying is praying for what you don’t want.”

How to connect with Casey

  • To connect with Casey and get more great copywriting tips visit

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